Spettroscopia di Riflettanza per Pigmenti

Abbiamo aggiunto gli spettri di riflettanza dei 4 nuovi pigmenti aggiunti a Pigments Checker v.3.

Per maggiori informazioni visitate chsopensource.org


DOWNLOAD Reflectance Database: A. Cosentino “FORS spec­tral data­base of his­tor­i­cal pig­ments in dif­fer­ent binders” e-conservation Jour­nal 2, 57–68, 2014.

Abbiamo aggiunto gli spettri di riflettanza del bitumen, chrome yellow, cobalt blue and cobalt chromite blue.

Pigments Checker v.3 ha ora 58 58 pigmenti storici e moderni.






Pubblicato da

Antonino Cosentino

Freelance Cultural Heritage Scientist I’m a PhD physicist and my goal is to make Scientific Documentation and Examination of Fine Art affordable to all those private collectors and small and medium museums across Europe which cannot have a scientist on their budget or buy costly instrumentation. I currently provide documentation as well as training on scientific documentation methods such as black light, infrared, reflectance transformation imaging and 3D modeling My interest is to promote the development of multispectral imaging software and hardoware tools for museums professionals and the public: ipad apps for interactive exhibits to engage public in examination and discoveries; ipad apps to examine and annotate multispectral images for painting conservation; web-server apps to examine and share multispectral images. more @ www.antoninocosentino.it


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